/i'm jules i like the rain/

Anonymous asked:
apparently After is based off of 50 shades of grey, and ik how much you love After so you'd probably like it.

HAHA I don’t think after is based off of it cause yeah they are both really sexual but it’s a totally different story. I haven’t been really caught up on after either too :/

Anonymous asked:
Are you bi me and my gf live by you and she thinks your really hot

kind of in a sorta relationship sorry haha but thanks ❤️❤️❤️

Anonymous asked:
Are you bi?

I don’t like labels

/i would rather live alone and in peace, than be with the ones I loved and have war/
awe-fuck asked:
Do you live in Minnesota?

yessssssss minneapolis


Anonymous asked:
What kind of festival was it? :)

this thing in minneapolis called september fest it’s kinda like a mini carnival

Anonymous asked:
-Tells you what I did last night- My band played a music festival set up in memory of my best friend and we all let off balloons w/ messages attached to them and it was really beautiful and I cried a lot x

That is so sweet :)))) I went to a festival yesterday too

I just studied to some test and chilled in my bed today.

GAH I’m studying for my first AP us history exam at the moment and it’s so hard :(


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